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Explore how every aspect of our business is inspired by the drive to provide clients and stakeholders with the most reliable engineering services in the world. 

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Taiwan’s Biggest Airport Relies onCTCI ASI for Seamless Expansion

Taoyuan International Airport Baggage Handling Solution Projects

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CTCI ASI successfully assisted customer to retrofit the largest MRT central control center in Taiwan 

The retrofit project of central control center of TRTS

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CTCI ASI participated the largest RFCC project in Taiwan, 80,000 B/D capacity

The MAC of RFCC project of Ta-Lin Plant CPC

CTCI ASI is an industrial intelligent solutions & service provider

CTCI ASI is renowned as the Leading Intelligent Solutions Provider.


CTCI ASI's Automation experience was forged in the petrochemical boom that made Taiwan an important player in the global economy.

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Intelligent Solutions

CTCI ASI's Intelligent Solutions help plant operators make brownfield investments that are safer, more reliable, and energy-emissions efficient.

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CTCI ASI Listed Companies Evaluated as Top 5% of the 8th Corporate Governance Evaluation